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Chiropractic Front Desk CA
Meagan has spent her entire life caring for others with over ten years of customer service. She is excited for the opportunity to help others find the best resources through chiropractic and support to help them live their best lives. Meagan will ensure that each office experience is welcoming and she is always willing to go the extra step! She is eternally optimistic and often will have a positive quote to get us through the day.

Meagan is an enthusiastic hiker who tries to spend time in nature each day. This can be an absolute resource to our bodies allowing us to reset mentally and physically and provide the best opportunity for healing and growth! Keep your eye out for her chasing sunsets and sunrises all around our beautiful town and through the mountains with her two dogs.


Meagan lives in Bloomfield with her husband and their two girls, all while sharing a duplex with her mom and grandma. Four generations living together everyday enjoying life! Meagan looks forward to providing you with the best care and experience when you see her in the office.

Chiropractic CA

Committed to the pursuit of vibrant health, Jocelyn is a proud advocate for chiropractic care. Growing up she witnessed her fathers quality of life greatly improve with continued chiropractic intervention and acupuncture. In addition, she has benefited monumentally from chiropractic care after a life changing injury, and can attest to anyone that suffers from chronic pain that chiropractic really works. She is honored to join a team so dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of the community.


Jocelyn is passionate about sparking joy within her community. After she spent 5 years making special events even sweeter as a pastry chef she began working for clients with dietary restrictions. She found fulfillment in creating inclusive baked goods that would allow people with any dietary restrictions to celebrate life events. Seeing the impact that baking had fueled her ever-growing passion to improve the wellbeing of her community


In the fall of 2020 Jocelyn started her journey into herbalism with The Herbal Academy. Blending herbal teas and utilizing essential oils for common ailments came naturally to her. After seeing the relief these concoctions offered her friends and family, she enthusiastically continued her training, putting her on the path towards becoming a clinical herbalist. Jocelyn looks forward to growing with and helping to holistically heal the community at New Beginnings.


*New Acupuncture appointments please call P:860.206.8935

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