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Integrative Manual Therapy

Reiki Treatment

Integrative Manual Therapy (IMT) is a gentle hands-on therapy that can identify underlying causes for chronic and acute pain. By using IMT to treat these underlying problems, relief from pain can be achieved. For example, when there are joint problems at the low back and pelvis, a traditional approach of stretching and exercise can stretch out stiff muscles and looser joints but often it doesn’t affect the tight joints which may be more contributing to the person’s pain and symptoms. Smooth and painless movement comes from normal joint mobility and alignment.


In addition to treatment of joint alignment with IMT, there are many underlying causes for why a person might experience pain, not necessarily related to a particular injury. Often, pain is contributed to by inflammation, digestive problems, circulation issues, and much more. When there is something in the body that is requiring protection (for example, circulation or immune related), the body’s tendency is to inhibit movement—to ‘lock up’. This lack of movement can cause pain and stiffness which is persistent. IMT uses a comprehensive hands-on assessment process to identify underlying causes of pain. Once these sites of dysfunction are found, a customized IMT treatment plan can be developed to treat the underlying issues and help to restore normal movement in the body.

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